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With over 15 years of experience in trade, Intermarket Sourcing LLC is an international market development firm specializing in global sourcing, particularly from Mexico and Latin America. Located in New York City, one of the most dynamic trade centers of the world, our company provides services in product development and supply chain management, including production monitoring, quality assurance, logistics, purchasing and sales management.

For distributors or retailers, Intermarket Sourcing can help increase competitiveness by identifying the right supplier for their products. This market intelligence helps reduce lead times, inventory and increase flexibility, through selection and implementation of the right sourcing strategy for your company.  We consider ourselves a boutique consulting firm that specializes in supply chain management. We serve companies wishing to become world-class performers and market leaders.

Global sourcing entails identifying, evaluating, negotiating and configuring supply across multiple geographies to reduce costs, maximize performance and mitigate risks. Sourcing is also a cornerstone of total cost management (TCM), a technological and process framework for the optimal alignment, management and control of supply relationships.


These are the global sourcing consulting services we offer as part of our Supply Chain Management consulting portfolio:

• Market Consulting

Our Market Consulting division offers companies specialized consulting  services to market and position their products, particularly within the Northeast region of the United States.  As the Commercial Representative Office of the Guanajuato World Trade Commission (COFOCE) in New York, our main focus is to assist companies from the State of Guanajuato to position their products successfully in this market and find potential customers. We service products from five main industries:

• Food and Beverage
• Leather and Footwear
• Giftware and Furniture

• Intermarket Sourcing is also the Representative of Sabores Autenticos de Mexico (Authentic Mexican Flavors Foundation) in New York.  www.saboresusa.org

• Sourcing Solutions

Our sourcing division offers buying agency services to companies seeking product development, quality assurance, logistics and production monitoring in Mexico. We have an office in Leon, Mexico which provides daily monitoring with vendors and manufacturers.

• Sales and Merchandising

Our Sales and Merchandising division services companies whose products Intermarket Sourcing takes as a sales agent or broker to assist in positioning a product or brand. We work with major distributors and retailers in the United States.

• Product

Intermarket Sourcing utilizes its market expertise as an incubator for the development of new products, such as:

AVORO avocado oil - For more information, please refer to the product website: www.avorofoods.com

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